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Valparaiso Indiana House Washing

Valparaiso Indiana House Washing

Valparaiso, Indiana House Washing

Valparaiso, Indiana homeowners may be unaware but their homes acquire additional dirt, debris, mold and algae on a daily basis.  Between general dirt and debris from the lawn and landscape surroundings, pollutants from the rainfall and weather and other contaminants from the mills and industry, our Valparaiso, Indiana homes attract this grime which then clings to the surface of siding, windows, roofing and trim.  Over a short period of time all of the contaminants begin to wear and oxidize the surface of vinyl and aluminum siding, aluminum gutters and soffit and roofing materials.   This leads to the surface becoming oxidized and algae and mildew growth.

The good news is there IS a solution!  Indiana ProWash can clean and restore the exterior of your Valparaiso, Indiana home with our Exterior House Washing Services (otherwise known as Soft Washing).  Our Soft Washing services (low impact detergent based cleaning vs. high pressure washing) utilize a soft and gentle approach to cleaning your Valparaiso home exterior.  Valparaiso, Indiana House Washing utilizes special detergents that are applied to the exterior of your home to loosen the accumulated dirt, grime, mold and algae.  These contaminants lift from the surface and suspend in our detergents.  Valparaiso house washing technicians then apply our ProBright aluminum cleaner to your aluminum gutters and soffits and scrub stubborn areas of your home to further loosen the dirt and grime.  Following the detergent application and scrubbing Indiana ProWash utilizes our Soft Wash system to gently wash away the detergents and contaminants leaving your home sparkling clean!

To learn more about Indiana ProWash and Valparaiso Indiana House Washing call us today at (219) 885-9274 or submit your request online below.  A representative will be in touch with you promptly to discuss your project and estimate.

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