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Valparaiso Indiana Deck Cleaning

Valparaiso Indiana Deck Cleaning

Valparaiso, Indiana Deck Cleaning & Sealing

Summer breezes, barbeques and your back yard deck!  All things a traditional Valparaiso, Indiana Deck Cleaning resident thoroughly enjoy in the Spring, Summer and Fall months.  We won’t talk about Winter here :).  Decks in Valparaiso, Indiana are a wonderful addition to our homes.  They enable us to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family in a living space designed just for us.   Just as the inside of your home needs cleaned routinely however the outside of it (your deck!) needs cleaned as well.  The good news however is your Valparaiso, Indiana Deck Cleaning only needs to be performed every six to twelve months.

Factors that decide the cleaning schedule on your Valparaiso, Indiana deck cleaning are mostly related to your surroundings.  Trees, bushes and landscaping all drop leaves or bring debris up onto your decks surface.  In addition, foot traffic to and from the yard and from inside your home also track dirt and grime onto the surface.  While it doesn’t physically effect the deck initially it certainly detracts from its ordinarily beautiful appearance.

The good news is Indiana ProWash can help!  Not only can Indiana ProWash ( Valparaiso Indiana Pressure Washing ) clean and restore the beauty back to your wood or composite deck we can also seal it to preserve, protect and beautify it!  As a sister company to TimberSeal, LLC (whom provides Valparaiso Deck Cleaning and Sealing Services) we provide a 6 step restoration process designed to restore and beautify even the most neglected deck.

Our Six Step Process is as Follows:

  1. We evaluate your deck needs and repairs and perform any board replacements needed .
  2. We strip any existing stain or finish from your deck using proprietary finish removal products.
  3. We wash the surface to remove existing stains, sealers and other contaminants
  4. We brighten, neutralize and condition the deck to restore its natural color / patina
  5. We complete and buffing or sanding once the deck is dry
  6. We complete application of the stain and sealant in your chosen color.

Staining & Sealing Products

Indiana ProWash uses our very own TimberSeal Pro-UV Oil finish to complete all Valparaiso Deck Cleaning and Sealing.  TimberSeal Pro-UV is available in a variety of transparent colors that all maintain and natural wood appearance.

Valparaiso Deck Staining

Valparaiso Deck Staining

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