Concrete Cleaning

Valparaiso Indiana Concrete Cleaning

Valparaiso Indiana Concrete Cleaning

Valparaiso, Indiana Concrete Cleaning

Got dirty concrete in Valparaiso, Indiana?  Valparaiso concrete accumulates dirt, grime and gum faster than any other surface in or around Valparaiso, Indiana.  We suggest a yearly Valparaiso, Indiana concrete cleaning  in order to keep your concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios and garage floors in the best of shape and appearance.  Throughout the year  seasons wrecks havoc on concrete surfaces if left uncleaned and unprotected.  Rain, snow, dirt, grime and algae all accumulate on concrete not only detracting from its appearance but many times also creating a dangerous walking environment.  These contaminants accumulate on the surface and when moisture is introduced the surfaces can often become quite slippery to walk on.  In addition, concrete surfaces left unsealed are exposed to constant wet and dry cycles causing concrete to heave and spall thereby allowing even more moisture in.

Indiana ProWash also provides Valparaiso Indiana Concrete Cleaning and Sealing to all homeowners in the Porter County region.  Our technicians apply a landscape friendly biodegradable detergent to your concrete followed by pressure washing of the surface using our hot water pressure cleaning system.  This process will remove all contaminants from the surface and make the concrete appear practically new again.  For a free estimate on your Valparaiso Concrete Cleaning needs call us today at (219) 885-9274 or submit your request online below.  A representative will contact you to schedule an estimate promptly!

Indiana ProWash provides Valparaiso Concrete Sealing services using our penetrating concrete sealants.  Penetrating concrete sealers protect the concrete by absorbing INTO the concrete rather than drying as a film on top of the concrete.  With penetrating sealants you avoid the issues so common to film based finished.   These include peeling, delamination and in some cases yellowing of the finish.  Penetrating concrete sealers are easy to maintain as well!  Our crews simply return to perform Valparaiso Concrete Cleaning at your home and after allowing the concrete to dry we reapply the penetrating sealant.

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